Preserving our British Motoring Heritage


Past President: Stephen Way

Thompson Valley Branch – Kamloops

I joined the OECC in 2008 and served as Chair of Thompson Valley Branch from 2012 -2016. My first British classic, my first car, was a 1959 Morris Minor (7888 AH) when I was 16 in the UK. In 1975 I emigrated along with my parents to British Columbia where I have since lived and worked before early retiring in 2011. Resident in Kamloops since 2001. I have owned many British classics over the years including a TR6, Lotus and Jaguars. My current British cars are a right hand drive 1970 Jaguar E-Type (VVC 27J) and a 2007 Mini Cooper S as my daily driver.

President: Brian Chandler

South Island Branch – N. Saanich BC

I grew up in London, England, my first car was an old Ford pop with mechanical brakes before advancing to all the “luxury, and performance” of a side window MG Midget. In 1973 I came to see the Canadian wilderness “just for a couple of years”, which turned out to be the start of an exciting career in mining; it was a privilege to live and work across Northern Canada and overseas. Throughout, I also enjoyed volunteer leadership roles for a variety of community groups. Later I acquired a Healey BJ7 “basket case”, and became active with the OECC Thompson Valley Branch, then joined the SIB when we moved to N. Saanich. The BJ7 restoration journey is finally complete and I am keen to contribute back to the OECC who gave me so much support and encouragement along the way, it is a wonderful organization.

Secretary: Susan Jones

South Island Branch 

Susan has been living in Victoria since 1981. She started working for the Province of B.C. in 1989 after completing her Bachelor and Masters Degrees at the University of Victoria. Positions were held in a few different ministries including Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Tourism and Transportation as a policy analyst and planner. She has always like old vehicles because they have more personality than new cars. Her first old English car was a 1964 Austin Healey Sprite followed in quick sequence by the 1963 Sunbeam Rapier and a 1970 Rover 3500. She joined the South Island Branch in 2003 and has been active with the branch, holding positions of Events Coordinator, volunteer at branch events, and is currently the South Island Branch Secretary.

TREASURER: Raymond Hall

South Island Branch 

Moved to Victoria in 1993 for the military and decided to call it home. I always love cars, I started with a Plymouth Valiant in the late ’70, then moved on to Porsche, BMW and Mercedes while on a 4-years tour in Europe. After coming back to Canada, I started buying and restoring VW’s in the mid 90’s. In 2006, I saw a Lotus Elise at a training camp in the UK and I knew that it was my dream car. My dream is to own several of them…! I am the proud owner of a 2007 Lotus Elise and a 1968 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Club Registrar: Patricia Sparks

South Island Branch

Patricia has done every job in the OECC – at least twice!  Patricia and hubby Derrick have MG’s – an MG TD, an MGA and an MGB.

Webmaster: Gerry Parkinson

Vancouver Coast Branch

1958 MGA, 1932 Raleigh Light Delivery Van, and a 1969 MGC GT

Member of the Vancouver Coast Branch since 1998. I have done the Branch vice Chair/Chairman/past Chair 6 year stint twice, I have been the Club Secretary, and have been the Club Webmaster since 2011. I am a Mechanical Engineer and Car Nut – I have a 7 car garage and there are still 6 cars on the driveway (mostly due to 4 sons and one patient wife). I was born in Vancouver (not Britain) but cheap transport during the UBC years was first a 1967 Triumph Spitfire and then a 1978 MGB, so that is where the British Car interest started.

Regalia: Marilyn Tarry

Central Island Branch 

A club member since 2006, when we came to Canada, bringing our 1932 Talbot with us. Roger (Hubby) has been doing a fantastic job of restoring and repairing. We were lucky as we had most of the parts, just in bits. My turn is coming this winter, to make the roof lining and covering, plus the seat covers. Goal for on the road 2018, (we have only had it since 1983).

BRBC Wagonmaster: 

Alan and Mary Lou Miles

Vancouver Coast Branch

Alan and Mary Lou Miles have been members of the Old English Car Club Vancouver Coast Branch since 2004 and have participated in every Brits ‘Round BC since 2008. Alan was the editor of the VCB newsletter, The Roundabout, for eight years and continues his roles as Communications Co-ordinator and branch website editor. Alan and Mary Lou like to drive their old British cars (which currently include a 1962 Sunbeam Rapier and a 1967 Sunbeam Alpine) on as many runs as possible and are looking forward to organizing a great route for BRBC 2020. We highly recommend you consider this tour which is set to begin on June 25, 2020. It’s a great way to get out and see the province and enjoy fellowship with fellow OECC members. Members will be kept updated as details of the tour are finalized.

Branch Directors

Bruce Edwards

South Island Branch

While living in Vancouver, I bought my first car at the age of eighteen. It was a ’63 Austin Mini Cooper S. Although it was a blast to drive, it went through almost as much oil as gas. So, I sold it and bought my next car quite cheap at a bailiff’s auction. It was a ’62 Jag XKE coupe. A bit of a change from a mini! However, I soon realized that I would not be able to afford the maintenance, gas and insurance for the car while attending university. So, I sold it and bought “a poor man’s E-type”………..a ’68 Triumph GT6. After owning a couple of MGB’s in the seventies, I was over my infatuation with English cars and didn’t own another until after I moved to Victoria, when I bought a ’71 Triumph TR6 and joined the South Island Branch of the OECC in 2001. I now have a nice ’74 Triumph TR6.

Jim Stewart

Central Island Branch

I was 12 years old when I first saw, and fell in love with, an E-Type! About the same time, I noticed a neighbour’s bright red Sunbeam Alpine – and I was hooked. When I joined the RAF one friend had a Lotus Elan, another had a bug-eye Sprite, I attended the Burleigh Horse Trails in a pal’s TR6 and my best friend had an MGBGT. I drove, and did routine maintenance, on all of them but, apart from a brief flirtation with a Morris Minor convertible, I owned ‘sensible’, utterly boring cars. I’ve always loved Jaguars though, so when Deb and I arrived on the Island in 2016 we joined the Club and bought an XK8 convertible, which we love.

Alan Inglis

Vancouver Coast Branch

Alan has been an OECC member since 1996 and even took part in one of the first Mini Montes. He is interested in all fields of transportation but his knowledge has limited him to little British cars (Midgets and Sprites) and motorcycles. However, he has now entered a new phase in his life called Lotus!

Darrell Price

Thompson Valley Branch

I started my spannering back in ’77 as an apprentice at a Chrysler Rootes dealer in southern England. In Camberley, Surrey I drove an Australian Valiant Charger, an ex-USAF Chevy truck and a Rover 2000TC. In ’88, after much travel and vehicle fettling, I moved to Vancouver, then Edmonton, on to Cranbrook and am now in Kamloops, and done with moving! After a Canadian career in forestry I now work for myself in commercial property and am far from retirement. I am often to be found in my workshop applying elbow grease to a ’72 TR6 or a ’73 Stag (or 70’s Spanish dirt bikes). I have been involved with the OECC since 2011, the same year I purchased my first old English car, the TR6.

Cliff Blakey

Kootenay Region Branch

1957 Hillman Husky Mark 1
Cliff is the founder and first Chairperson of the Kootenay Region Branch.

Past Presidents

Ian Cox                  1986- 1996   (Founder)
Dave Pollard           1996 – 1997
Derrick Sparks        1997 – 1999
Robert Brodie         1999 – 2001
Patricia Sparks        2001 – 2003
Dennis Atkinson      2003 – 2005
Steve Diggins          2005 – 2007
Wayne Peddie         2007 – 2009
Steve Hutchens       2009 – 2011
Candy Francis          2012 – 2013
Ken Miles                 2014 – 2015
Trevor Parker           2016 – 2017
Stephen Way           2018 – 2019
Brian Chandler         2020 – present

2019 oecc executive