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DISCLAIMER: The Old English Car Club provides this free classified ads page as a service to both members and non-members wishing to advertise British cars or parts for sale and wanted. The OECC does not verify any claims made in these ads and assumes no responsibility for their veracity. There can be substantial differences of opinion regarding the condition of a car or part; therefore, it is recommended that people buying cars or parts request that the sale be conditional upon examination of the car or part(s).

Ads are posted for two months. You will get a notification email when your ad is about to expire.

Please be aware that advertising on the internet opens you up to scammers.  Most scams bear a similarity, but with some differences:

  • There are a number of scammers who offer to buy your car, send you a cheque for the full amount plus shipping and ask that the difference be refunded to them right away. Not only do you lose your car, you also lose the difference that you send to them, plus you pay all the costs.
  • Beware of anyone who offers to buy your car (usually for full price) without asking anything about the condition of the car.
  • Selling local is better, but the market for special cars is truly becoming international, so the right buyer is not always local. However, if they are not willing to disclose where they are, or have a story about being out on an oil rig, or temporarily out of the country, so they can’t be contacted, then it may be better to take a pass on this buyer.
  • Do not give out your banking or PayPal detailed information such as a password or details of the account type or account balance. It is not needed to receive money.
  • If what they are offering sounds too easy, or too good to be true, it probably is.