Preserving our British Motoring Heritage


My 1966 MGB is showroom restored. The professional restoration was by a Master Mechanic who owns a Kelowna company which restores and services British cars.

The MGB is a loaded car with many improvements. The engine, transmission, rear end are larger and more powerful than when the car was manufactured and it has a supercharger. There are new tires and this car has been on a rotisserie where it was completely cleaned and painted. It has new wiring, new radio and far more to list here. One needs to see it to appreciate the high quality of the workmanship and upgrades.

These days I have it serviced at Sovereign Motors in Vancouver. My MGB is currently in Powell River where I can drive it down the sunshine coast or on Vancouver Island. However, I seldom drive it and it spends much of its time in my garage and so I am now considering parting ways with it. Please contact me if interested.   My email is;

All my JPG images are greater than 3MB allowed on this site.  If you wish more photos or info, please contact me through my email and I will send you photos.  My car was appraised by John Carlson.  &  My sale price is based upon John’s appraisal and the cost to completely restore this fine time piece.

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  • Contact Name : gregory hart
  • Make : MG
  • Model : MGB
  • Year : 1966
  • Mileage : NA