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Daimler V8 – Burgundy

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Daimler V8 – Burgundy

Where do we start with this one? We've owned it for probably 8 years and we purchased it from Madison in Wisconsin, and we enjoyed an epic and eventful road trip in pickuing her up. We had hopes, dreams and ambition, but we lacked courage, moral fibre, skills and a budget, so essentially, the old girl just sat, for the first 4 years indoors, and the remainder, out in the elements.

We purchased lots of new parts from a specialist in Blighty, and we have had the old girl running with the help of our good friends, Brian and Doug, but we never went further than that.

We are into the car, with spare parts, driving 8500km to get her, and odds and sods for over double the ask.

Alternatively, if someone wants to take the projects on to get them to be reliable drivers for us, we would also be open to that option.

Lots of spares if both bought as a package. I think bumpers, engine block, transmission etc.

She's got good bones and is in decent shape, and she needs to run. We'd love to see her running and driving which she's more than capable of, and whilst she'll never be a Councours D'Elegance, she could be a presentable runner that provides joyous times from driver, passengers and casual observers alike.

To add to the mix, we have another Daimler 250 V8 in Blue that can either come back to live or yield a whole host of valuable parts, so have two runners or make one nice car from two.

The burgundy car is BC Registered, but needs to complete a safety inspection to be issued full title. It's an anomaly with ICBC that we will help you with, and it's simply a little known ICBC loophole designed for you to be able to insure your car with ICBC whilst preparing it for the road, so storage insurance is available.

VIN: P1A13243BW

We can assist with delivery if costs are covered.

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