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Cars for Sale

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1964 Anglia
Price: Sold Thank You

1964 Anglia


February 19, 2016

Location: Ontario


1952 Austin A40 Countryman
Price: $2,750

1952 Austin A40 Countryman


December 6, 2016

Location: Victoria

View Details

1959 Morris Minor
Price: $6,250

1959 Morris Minor Convertible


December 6, 2016

Location: Victoria

View Details

1960 Sunbeam Rapier
Price: $18,900

1960 Sunbeam Rapier


December 6, 2016

Location: Langley BC

View Details

1965 MG Midget
Price: Sold Thank You

1965 MG MIdget


February 18, 2017

Location: Surrey BC


1960 Nash Metropolitan
Price: $5,500

1960 Nash Metropolitan


February 19, 2016

Location: Chemainus BC

View Details

1969 Commer Highwayman
Price: $12,500 OBO

1969 Commer


November 28, 2016

Location: Victoria

View Details

1936 Talbot Ten
Price: $35,000 OBO

1936 Talbot Ten


December 6, 2016

Location: Comox

View Details

1969 Mini Project
Price: $3,750

1969 Mini Project


March 8, 2017

Location: Abbotsford

View Details


Parts and Documents for sale

February 18, 2017 - Victoria BC - "MG - OLD SPECKLED HEN " BROWN BEER BOTTLE -very unusual - i've never seen one before - top is on but there is no beer - sorry people - good condition no chips etc - only $40


February 18, 2017 - Ontario - I have a huge selection of books manuals and parts for sale. I am in Ontario but willing to mail to members. sharon Robbins

February 18, 2017 - North Nanaimo BC -Original 13in Mountney wood rim steering wheel ,with MG mounting boss with a 5/8 shaft.This wheel will only fit MGA and MGC, $100 obo. It will not fit MGB. Morris Barnett

February 4, 2017 - Victoria BC - VINTAGE DEALER SHOWROOM PAMPHLET FOR TR6 AND SPITFIRE -very rare - wonderful original N.O.S. piece of triumph history -full frontal spread shows a grinning alan alda sitting in his brand new saffron yellow tr6 with a wedgewood blue spitfire in the background -rear spread is all the specs of the 2 cars -full open size is 16 x 16 -folded rack size is 8 x 8 -good condition - no tears, colors are vibrant ( just like if you went down to the dealer yesterday and grabbed one off the shelf) Sold

February 4, 2017 - Victoria BC -FOR SALE - VINTAGE DOMINION AUTOMOBILE BADGE (large) -you won't find one of these every day! -for grille , badge bar , or display -size is 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" -$50


January 22, 2017 - Gabriola Island BC - Three British Ford Y Type wire wheels, mid 1930's, 17 inch 5 stud. Look to be in good shape. $60. Steve 250 325 5549 or e-mail

January 21, 2017 - Whiterock BC -For sale - 1972 TR6 Parts:

  • New British Motor Heritage manufacture left and right front fenders.

  • left and right rear fenders.

  • plus other BMH body panels.

  • OEM. front valance

  • Original bonnet

  • Left front fender (original)

  • Rebuilt unpainted Radiator.

  • Plus other assorted parts - 1976 TR6 Body Panels Left and Right front fenders (original)R/H Door.

  • 4 TR6 pressed steel wheels. Two powder coated.

Email Roger at

January 18, 2017 - North Nanaimo BC - For Sale 6 7/8 Lockheed brake Servo, needs rebuild. Best Offer. Call or E mail Morris: 250 713 8420 or

January 17, 2017 - Gabriola Island BC - Austin Healey 100/4 - Austin Atlantic engine. Head magnafluxed, no cracks. Crankshaft at -.020 on mains, -.030 on rods. Journals look very good but might need a grind. Block has no signs of cracks or damage. Needs a rebore. Engine complete with tach drive except for carbs, starter, generator, fan, push rods, rocker cover. Also have transmission gears which look like new . $5,000 CDN for everything. Steve 250 325 5549 or email

January 16, 2017 - Nanaimo BC - Stripped '73 MGB shell. Rot in the usual places. Someone might need some piece of it for restoration. Free for pick up in Nanaimo.Gone

January 3, 2017 - North Nanaimo BC - BRAND NEW 15 inch X 72 Spoke x 5 J. Chrome wire wheels. I have 5 brand new , original Dunlop chrome wire wheels , These are old stock and in mint condition and have NEVER been on a car. Many hours recently spent removing the original wax.[ I have no life] A set of 5 rims will cost over $2500 without shipping or taxes.


January 2, 2017 - Whiterock BC

  • MG TC / TD Horse hair seat back pad New Moss part Number 640-360 - $60.00
  • MG TC / TD / TF Seat foam cushion set - New Moss Part Number 640-348 - $60.00


January 1, 2017 - Campbell River BC - INVENTORY REDUCTION - MG Stuff FOR SALE!!!

Some new some used. Some MGA some MGB.

  • MGA Old Style Starters
  • MGA Roadster Doors
  • MGA Wire Wheels & MGB 14" Wire wheels
  • MGA & Magnette 15" Steel Wheels
  • MGA Wire Wheel Axels
  • 4 MGB Rosestyle Wheels
  • MGA & MGB Early Transmissions
  • MGA 1500 & 1600 Engines
  • MGB 1800 Engine
  • New MGA1500, Midge & Sprite Front Brake Cylinders
  • New MGB Rear Brake Shoes
  • 68-72 Padded Dash
  • New MGB Steering Rack Seal/Boot kit
  • MGB Side Marker lights
  • MGB Front & Rear Chrome Bumpers
  • MGB Roadster & GT Doors with Glass
  • MGB GT Rear Hatch with Glass
  • MGB Seats
  • MGB Radiators early and late
  • MGB 75-80 Gas Tank
  • MGB Dash Gauges, Speedometers and Tacks
  • Many other new & used small parts, too many to list

Dave Looy (c) 250 204-5282 (h) 250

Cars Wanted

None at this time.

Parts and Documents Wanted

January 18, 2017 - Nanaimo BC - Looking for Boss Frog double hoop roll bar to fit a 1980 MGB. Jeannine Ready

January 12, 2017 - Vancouver BC - Looking for short term covered parking for a Mk 1 Zephyr in the Lower Mainland. Anyone who knows of a covered spot to park my car for a couple of months please email: - Bill Grant


DISCLAIMER: The Old English Car Club provides this free classified ads page as a service to both members and non-members wishing to advertise British cars or parts for sale and wanted. The OECC does not verify any claims made in these ads and assumes no responsibility for their veracity. There can be substantial differences of opinion regarding the condition of a car or part; therefore, it is recommended that people buying cars or parts request that the sale be conditional upon examination of the car or part(s).

Ads are posted for two months. The date under the picture indicates when the ad was posted.

Please be aware that advertising on the internet opens you up to Scammers.  Most scams bear a similarity, but with some differences.

1.   Please be aware that there are a number of scammers who offer to buy your car, send you a cheque for the full amount plus shipping and ask that the difference be refunded to them right away. Not only do you lose your car, you also lose the difference that you send to them, plus you pay all the costs.

2.  Beware of anyone who offers to buy your car (usually for full price) without asking anything about the condition of the car.

3.  Selling local is better, but the market for special cars is truly becoming international, so the right buyer is not always local.  However, if they are not willing to disclose where they are, or have a story about being out on an oil rig, or temporarily out of the country, so they can't be contacted, then it may be better to take a pass on this buyer.

4.  Do not give out your banking or PayPal detailed information such as a password or details of the account type or account balance. It is not needed to receive money.

5.  If what they are offering sounds too easy, or too good to be true, it probably is.



Please advise the Webmaster when the vehicle or part sells.


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